Interior design, Procurement, Inspection and Monitoring, Construction, Consultation, Project Management

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Professional. All-rounded. Conscientious.

Comprehensive One-stop Services

We have a professional interior design, procurement, engineering, testing, consulting and project management team. We also have factories in Hong Kong and the Mainland. We are confident to provide you with comprehensive services and complete projects on time.

We offer comprehensive after sales services, to fulfill clients’ requirements and provide exceptional services.

Interior Design

Optimize the use of space. Conceptualize the best design. Prepare the virtual representation of the space.

Inspection and Monitoring

Ensure all designs and constructions are safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

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Comprehensive One-stop Services

Professional. All-rounded. Conscientious.

Our professional team is devoted entirely to provide outstanding, all-rounded services. We think what you think. We provide the most cost-effective solution and promise to complete the project on time, so as to offer you with superior service experience.


We understand your needs. We purchase and/or custom made facilities and furniture.

  • Factories in Hong Kong and the Mainland
  • Custom made furniture
  • Purchase environmentally friendly construction materials and furniture
  • Delivery and Installment



We have a large, well-experienced in-house construction team. Without outsourcing, we can deploy our manpower strategically to ensure the projects are completed on time.

  • Moving services, Renovation, Installment of facilities, Electrical engineering
  • Remodeling, Touch up, Maintenance
  • Continuously direct and monitor the build process
  • Carry safety testing

Our advisors are ready to serve

  • Construction: Architect, Building services engineer, Civil Engineer
  • Consultation: Cost consultant, Security consultant, Lighting consultant, AV consultant, Acoustic consultant, Waterproofing consultant, Environmental consultant, Fire engineering consultant
  • Designer, surveyor…

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